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Washburn, North Dakota  
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Your admission to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
includes exploring Fort Mandan.

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Map of the Fort Mandan village area.  First Mandan Village, Second Mandan Village, Awaxawi Hidatsa, Sakakawea Village, Big Hidatsa Village

Mitutanka  - First Mandan Village: The Deapolis site, near the now defunct town of Deapolis, Mercer County, North Dakota.  Chief of Mitutanka is Big White (proper name Sheheke --  Sheheke: Mandan Indian Diplomat--The Story of White Coyote, Thomas Jefferson, and Lewis and Clark ).  The name Big White, or Big White Man was given by whites because of his supposed resemblance to whites and his size - he was notably obese. Clark ranks second chief as Little Crow, also called Little Raven.

 Ruptare -Second Mandan Village: Known as the Black Cat site after its Chief, McLean County, North Dakota, now lost. (Black Cat's Indian name was Posecopsahe, from the Mandan term, puskapsi, "black cat".)

Mahawha: Was an Awaxawi Hidatsa village, known as the Amahami site, on the grounds of the Mercer County Courthouse, Stanton, North Dakota.  Chief of Mahawha is White Buffalo Robe Unfolded.

Metaharta: Village of the Awatixa Hidatsas, called the Sakakawea site, Mercer County, North Dakota.  Head Chief of Metaharta is Black Moccasin.  In 1833, at a great age, he recalled Lewis and Clark fondly; sitting for a portrait by George Catlin, (George Catlin and His Indian Gallery ) he asked the painter to carry his regards to Clark in St. Louis. 

Menetarra:  Village of the Hidatsas Proper, (One Eye, or LeBorgne, is the principal Chief), the Big Hidatsa site, Mercer County.


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