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Clark and Company Traveling through the Region

<<Lewis's Map of 1806 Route

Clark July 24, 1806 (Floated past present day Laurel, Montana)

..."I had the horses drove across the river and Set Sergt. Pryor and his party across (south of Billings, Montana). H. Hall who cannot Swim expressed a Williness to proceed on with Sergt. Pryor by land, and as another man was necessary to assist in driveing on the horses"...

Clark July 25, 1806

... "at 4 PM arived at a remarkable rock situated in an extensive bottom on the Stard. Side of the river & 250 paces from it. this rock I ascended and from it's top had a most extensive view in every direction. This rock which I shall Call Pompy's Tower is 200 feet high and 400 paces in secumphrance and only axcessable on one Side ... The nativs have ingraved on the face of this rock the figures of animals & near which I marked my name and the day of the month & year"...

Clark July 26, 1806

"proceeded on ... current of the river swift much divided by Stoney islands and bars also handsome Islands Covered with Cotton wood "...

Clark July 27, 1806

... "the Elk which lay on almost every point in large gang and are so jintle that we frequently pass within 20 or 30 paces of them without their being the least alarmd"...

Clark July 28, 1806

" proceeded on glideing down this smooth stream passing maney Isld and several creeks and brooks ."

Clark July 29, 1806

"a slight rain last night with hard thunder and Sharp lightening accompanied with a violent NE wind. I set out early this morning wind So hard a head that we made but little way."

Clark July 30, 1806

"after brackfast proceeded on... passed a rapid which is by no means dangerous, it has a number of large rocks in different parts of the river which Causes high waves. this rapid I call Bear rapid (Prairie County, Montana) from the Circumstance of a bears being on a rock in the Middle of this rapid. a violet Storm from the NW obliged us to land imediately below this rapid, draw up the Canoes and take shelter in an old Indian lodge.."

Clark July 31, 1806

"I was much disturbed last night by the noise of the buffalow which were about me. one gang swam the river near our camp which alarmed me a little for fear of their crossing our canoes and splitting them to pieces... "

Clark August 1, 1806

"was obliged to land to let the Buffalow Cross over... the river was crouded with those animals for 1/2 an hour... "
Encamped on an island ( Dawson County, Montana).

Clark August 2, 1806

" about 8 AM this morning a Bear of the large vicious Species being on a Sand bar raised himself up on his hind feet and looked at us as we passed down near the middle of the river. he plunged into the water and Swam towards us, either from a disposition to attack or from the Cent of the meat on the Canoes. we shot him ... we were very near being detained by the Buffalow today which were Crossing the river we got through the line between 2 gangues."


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