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 Lewis and Clark Trail "Re-live the Adventure"

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Junior Rangers Nathan Stoudt You are Here

Nathan with sister Heidi "Sacajawea"  picture taken at the Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT

Two boys sprinted down the path at Fort Clatsop, Astoria, Oregon on a sunny day. They reached the fort just before the flintlock firing. Nathan with his brother Matt, sat on a log bench, with Nathan dressed as Sacagewea’s brother Cameahwait. They watched the flintlock display. Next Nathan explored the fort, completing the requirements for the Junior Ranger Program. He was looking around when he saw a ranger, dressed as a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, leaving the fort. She was carrying a lot of equipment, so Nathan asked if she needed any help. He helped her carry things to a tent-like pavilion. She then did a demonstration on "Life at the Fort." She showed listeners how to make candles. Nathan got a piece of the tallow the candles were made from. When she was showing how to tan rawhide, she said one way was to "hold one end of the rawhide and have another person hold the other end and pull." She handed one end of the hide to Nathan. When she pulled, she took him right off his seat! Like my mom would say, "Even expedition members need to have teamwork and cooperation!"

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