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Family Adventure Doug Muich You are Here

My Brother Greg Muich as John Colter

My family traveled west by car from St. Louis, Missouri  to Montana to visit my brother who lives in Great Falls. Before we left, I took my young son and daughter to Wood River, Illinois to see the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. I explained to them that Lewis and Clark began their journey here. I read passages to the children from the journals relating to each site we visited on our trip. By the time we arrived at Three Forks in Montana, after visiting many sites along the way, they were truly impressed by the distance traveled, and the ordeals experienced by the explorers. In Great Falls, Montana at the base of the great falls, we attended a Lewis and Clark Honor Guard presentation of which my brother is a member. He represents John Colter. He demonstrated how Colter would have trapped and skinned beaver. After skinning a beaver, my brother roasted the beaver tail just as the expedition members would have. Beaver tail was considered a delicacy then, but my children had no interest in tasting it.

The trip was fun and educational at the same time.


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