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 Lewis and Clark Trail "Re-live the Adventure"

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Lewis and Clark Route, Idaho

In September my former college roommate and I, both having recently retired as Principals from our respective school districts, eagerly proceeded toward Lolo Pass in Montana. Our mission as we left our homes in Idaho, was to explore as much of the Lewis and Clark Trail in four or five days as the weather would allow. We were very aware of the early snow conditions the Corps had encountered in mid September of 1805.

Our first trail stop at Lolo Hot Springs was somewhat disappointing due to the commercialized condition of the area, but the next stop was the encampment of September 13, 1805 at Glade Creek. This was a "Spirit Revival," in spite of the snow that began falling. It was now about 5:00 p.m., so we determined to find an access road from Highway 12 up to Forest Road #500 (The Lolo Motorway) and make camp for the night. A little after 7:00 p.m., we reached Powell Junction on the Lolo Trail and encamped snow and the temperature was falling steadily. Our sleep was restless and cold as the temperature dropped into single digits and elk bugled most of the night. Sleeping quarters were, incidentally, a 7 by 7 tent.

The next morning, as we shivered around a campfire and worked on getting breakfast, our thoughts reflected on the hardships and lack of food experienced by the Corps of Discovery in this same neighborhood in September 1805.


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